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Welcome to the website of EuPIA, the European Printing Ink Association!

The purpose of this website is to provide you with relevant information about printing inks and related products, and to demonstrate that this industry is a proactive, trustworthy, reliable and competent partner to all its stakeholders.

Printing Inks are indispensable tools for conveying messages. Be it to inform, to warn, or to educate. Without printing inks, we would have no books, no newspapers or magazines, no banknotes or credit cards. Printing Inks and printing varnishes and lacquers also provide added value to the technical properties and technical functionalities of printed products like printed packaging.

Despite the growth of electronic media, ink on paper remains a significant and valuable player with recognized efficiency in terms of communication and cultural benefits. For packaging, industrial and commercial applications, inks are the unique and undisputed choice.

EuPIA works to make the fascinating world of printing inks and varnishes more visible!

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Heiner Klokkers



The Association 

EuPIA is the European Printing Ink Association and was founded in 2003 as a division of CEPE, the European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink and Artists' Colours Industry. EuPIA represents the interests of the European manufacturers of printing inks and related products.

EuPIA's Vision is

being the voice of the printing ink industry adding value to its members and going beyond individual interests. By giving guidance on safe manufacturing, use and handling of printing inks and related products, EuPIA takes a proactive approach on health, safety and the environment. It thereby contributes to the image of an innovative, responsible and attractive industry.

The Mission of EuPIA is

  • to provide a voluntary framework within which EuPIA member companies and their value chain partners can cooperate to ensure sustainable business.
  • to provide an organisational structure of committees, working groups and ad-hoc task forces in order to follow up EuPIA's vision.
  • to continuously increase the awareness of the printing ink industry with all stakeholders.
  • to advise European and national institutions to help reach decisions based on accurate information and sound science.
  • to create relationships with other international associations related to the graphic and packaging industry.

The Values of EuPIA are

Proactive - Trustworthy - Reliable - Competent

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