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The EuPIA Council determines the organisation’s political guidelines and interests. The Council is comprised of the Managing Directors of any member company which participates in the financing of EuPIA-specific projects. In addition, the national member associations designate up to four more Council members. The Council elects its Chairman and Vice Chairman.

The Management Team conducts EuPIA’s day-to-day business. It comprises the Council Chairman, the Vice Chairman and the EuPIA Executive Manager.

Special commissions and working groups address subject areas such as Technology/Legislation, Public Relations and Market Information.

The EuPIA Technical Committee (EuPIA TC) deals with all topics that, in the broadest sense, relate to printing ink-specific aspects of legislation, in the areas of working safety, health, and environment protection. The committee deals with all questions concerning implementation of the REACH regulation in the printing inks industry. This committee’s responsibilities also include managing projects for standardisation of printing inks and printing processes.

The Technical Committee is assisted by two working groups: “Operational Safety and Risk Assessment” (OSRA) and “Labelling and Safety Data Sheets” (LSDS). OSRA concentrates mainly on developing guidelines for safe manufacturing and processing of printing inks aimed at preventing industrial accidents. The main task of LSDS is to develop guidelines for implementation of the requirements for classifying and labelling printing inks specified by chemical legislation.

The Technical Committee “Printing Inks for Food Packaging” (PIFOOD) deals with all aspects of manufacturing and processing printing inks which are specifically designed for printing food packaging. Here, industry-internal guidelines and standpoints relating to existing and planned legislation in food packaging are drawn up. Additionally the Committee maintains contacts with the associations of the supply and consumer industries. PIFOOD is also responsible for updating the EuPIA inventory list of raw materials and substances that are used for food packaging printing inks.

PIFOOD is assisted by the EuPIA Energy Curing Working Group (EEC) with regard to particular technical aspects of energy curing printing technology.

The association’s public relations activities are supported by the Communications Working Group (COMM WG). This group facilitates the information flow between EuPIA and external organisations. To this end it cooperates closely with the EuPIA commissions and the management team.

Finally the EuPIA Statistics Working Group (ESWG) takes care of obtaining appropriate market information for the printing ink industry.

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