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The Association

EuPIA, the European Printing Ink Association, was founded in 2003 and is a division of CEPE, the European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink and Artists’ Colours Industry. EuPIA represents the economic interests of more than 80 European manufacturers of printing inks and coatings in their dealings with political bodies, European and national authorities, other sectors of the economy, scientific institutions and the media. For information about the European printing ink industry’s total sales and employment figures please refer to the latest EuPIA key market data.

The members

EuPIA members are all printing ink manufacturers which are members of a national CEPE association. Member companies are generally medium-sized, such is the structure of the association, although internationally active companies are also EuPIA members.

What does membership offer?

Membership offers, amongst many other advantages, the following opportunities:

To receive early notification of, and opportunities to address issues of common concern

To take part in and benefit from a tailored market statistics programme 

To attend the Annual EuPIA Conference where key issues of concern are addressed

To benefit from a wealth of documents providing guidance in areas of common concern

To receive relevant information on draft legislation both on European and national levels at a very early stage

To actively participate in working groups and committees of CEPE and EuPIA; active participation in the relevant working groups ensures that a company can contribute to the associations’ position on draft legislation which is the basis for effective lobbying.

Printing ink specific issues are in the remit of EuPIA, which operates under the umbrella of CEPE. All matters of common interest to the paint and printing ink industry are handled in joint committees on CEPE level. The implementation of the requirements of the REACH Regulation is probably one of the most prominent examples of this.

In addition, members are granted access to the extranets of CEPE and EuPIA, which provide a wealth of valuable information exclusively for members. Newsletters and monthly summaries of CEPE’s and EuPIA’s activities inform members, in a concise way, of what is currently going on.

Membership Rules

As EuPIA is a sector of CEPE, the CEPE membership rules apply. For a printing ink company, membership with EuPIA is automatically established with its membership of CEPE.

CEPE and the European National Associations adhere to the shared principle of:

"Being effective in advocating the industry's message in and across Europe requires credible associations both at central as well as at national level. Each acts as ambassador of the same message in its contacts with the relevant authorities or politicians who ultimately are the participants in the EU decision making units".

It is therefore mandatory that the paint and printing ink companies in Europe have a dual membership; one with CEPE and one with National Associations ("NA").

For the multinational companies, this translates into maintaining a company membership with a NA for each registered daughter company in the CEPE territory where such a NA exists.

The CEPE membership fee is a percentage factor (currently set at 0.01%) of the turnover of products which are as follows:

All paint, printing ink and artists colours products being:

  • mixtures of two or more of the following: polymeric binders, pigments, fillers and / or solvents or monomers;
  • diluents for above mixtures and cleaning products.

Remark: accessories like brushes etc. are to be excluded.

Most NA fees are also based on turnover but some may have other criteria.

With these rules it is intended to avoid that a company's membership fee is only based on part of its relevant businesses although all its relevant divisions and units benefit from the services provided by the associations.

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